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Rob Barker Grenoble, France [Abstract]
"From Biofactories to General Anaesthesia: Using Neutrons as a Probe for Biological Challenges"

Dermot Brabazon Dublin, Ireland [Abstract]
"Utilisation of laser processing technologies for species separation and surface science applications"

Hyeonsik Cheong Seoul, Korea [Abstract]
"Confocal Raman spectroscopy for investigation of basic properties of graphene"

Ludwik Dobrzyński Świerk, Poland [Abstract]
"Big problems with low doses of ionizing radiation"

Julia Fedotova Minsk, Belarus [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Tailored magnetic and electronic states in 3d-metal - insulator films: characterization and applications"

Michael Giersig Berlin, Germany [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Electromagnetic waves interaction with various metallic nanomaterials"

Thomas Hauet Nancy, France [Abstract] [Presentation]
"New schemes for bit pattern media"

Stoffel Janssens Hasselt, Belgium [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Fabrication and properties of nanocrystalline diamond films"

Peter Keim Konstanz, Germany [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Phase transitions and vitrification in two-dimensional colloidal systems"

Katarzyna Konopka Warsaw, Poland [Abstract]
"Engineering materials coded in DNA"

Naoto Koshizaki Tsukuba, Japan [Abstract]
"Fabrication of crystalline submicrometer spherical particles and their optical and medical applications"

Alan Michette London, United Kingdom [Abstract]
"Focused X-Ray Probes for Studies of Radiation Induced Cancers: A Case Study in Integrating Sources and Optics"

Denes Nagy Budapest, Hungary [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Interchanging source and detector: reciprocity and its violation in scattering experiments"

Jacinto Sa Lausanna, Switzerland [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Advances and challenges in making an artificial leaf"

Robert Shull Gaithersburg, USA [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Magnetic Domain Dynamics in Nanocomposite Materials Revealed by Real-Time Images"

Leonid F. Sukhodub Sumy, Ukraine [Abstract]
"Nanocrystalline Calcium orthophosphate coatings on Ti and Mg substrates: obtaining, characterization and testing in SBF"

Jakub Szlachetko Villigen, Switzerland [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Electronic and geometric structure of matter probed in-situ by means of x-ray spectroscopy techniques"

Javier Tejada Palacios Barcelona, Spain [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Quantum nanomagnetism and applications"

Lisa Vaccari Trieste, Italy [Abstract] [Presentation]
"Lab-On-a-Chip (LoC) devices for infrared spectromicroscopy of live single cells: advantages, disadvantages and future perspectives"

Bartel Van Waeyenberge Gent, Belgium [Abstract]
"Field and spin torque driven dynamics in magnetic nanostructures"

Ulf Wiedwald Duisburg, Germany [Abstract]
"Tailoring magnetic domains by periodic antidots on the nanoscale"